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Informational Interview with Monic Pedroni, Research Associate at University of Idaho

By Mallory Cullen, Conviron Scholar What is your current job and what does it entail? My current job is a molecular biology research associate at the University of Idaho. My job involves management of a potato molecular biology program. My job includes mentoring, everyday work at the bench, management such as purchasing orders, budgeting, and […]

Informational Interview with Emily Millar, USDA lab technician

By Samantha Connolly, Conviron Scholar Emily Millar is a biology laboratory technician. Emily works in a USDA carrot breeding lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison on two main projects: breeding carrots for higher pigment color and breeding carrots for higher salt tolerance. This is Emily’s first job since graduating from the University of Vermont […]

Informational Interview with Jason Cavatorta, owner, Earthworks Seeds

By Mishi Vachev, Conviron Scholar Jason Cavatorta is the owner of his own plant breeding and seed distribution company, Earthworks Seeds, in Orlando, FL. His seed is mainly marketed to home-growers and is often heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, melons, and many more crops. He started his own company after working on onion development at […]