Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Annika Brünje

Annika Brünje, first author of Chloroplast acetyltransferase NSI is required for state transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Current Position: PhD student, Plant Physiology, University of Münster

Education: Master of Science, Biology, University of Bochum

Non-scientific Interests: Good books and movies, travelling, relaxed evenings with nice people

Brief bio: The first time I became fascinated by photosynthetic organisms was when we were shown some mysteriously, greenish-glowing green algae cultures during our undergraduate studies. Realizing how complex pathways of energy conversion within these organisms are perfectly regulated and adaptable to their surroundings was a key experience for me. Since then, I remained inspired by the wide spectrum of photosynthesis research and the unraveling of regulation mechanisms associated to photosynthetic processes. Luckily, during my current PhD studies at the University of Münster, I can delve into the world of post-translational modifications of proteins, especially in the context of photosynthesis regulation. Modern methods in protein biochemistry and high-resolution mass-spectrometry, thereby, have opened completely new perspectives for me.