Anju Pallipurath Shanmukhan: Plant Physiology First Author

Anju Pallipurath Shanmukhan, co-first author of “Regulation of touch-stimulated de novo root regeneration from Arabidopsis leaves

Current Position: PhD student, School of Biology, IISER Thiruvananthapuram

Education: Integrated BS-MS in Biological Sciences, IISER Thiruvananthapuram

Non-scientific Interests: drawing and scientific illustration

Brief Bio:  Coming from a family with agricultural background, I enjoyed gardening and working with plants. I joined the lab under Dr. Kalika Prasad’s supervision in 2018 to nurture my interest in plants and understand the fundamental processes of plant development and regeneration. The lab offered me with the opportunity to study innate regeneration responses in aerial organs of Arabidopsis. My recent work has shown how key cell fate determinants are sufficient to promote cellular reprogramming during wound repair and vascular regeneration. In the study, we show that a surge in local auxin production in response to injuries lead to vascular regeneration. My hobbies include drawing and scientific illustration using graphical interphase.