Zhihua Wu: Plant Physiology First Author

Zhihua Wu, co-first author of “Multi-omics analysis reveals spatiotemporal regulation and function of heteromorphic leaves in Populus”

Current Position: Associate Professor, College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University

Education: Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, Wuhan University

Non-scientific Interests: Singing and Sports

Brief bio:

In 2022, I joined the College of Life Sciences of Zhejiang Normal University and engaged in teaching and scientific research in Chinese herbal plant genomics, as well as synthetic biology. The mechanism of formation and evolution of plant characteristic traits is mainly studied by means of multidisciplinary cross technologies such as multi omics, molecular biology and evolutionary biology. This study is one of the achievements of the team cooperation with Professor Zhijun Li from Xinjiang Tarim University. It mainly reports the molecular mechanism of the development and functional differentiation of the heteromorphic leaves of Populus euphratica, a desert hero plant, and provides a new theoretical basis for plants to adapt to extreme desertification environment.



教育背景: 武汉大学分子遗传学博士