Zhenkun Liao: Plant Physiology First Author

Zhenkun Liao, first author of “A multifunctional true CCoAOMT enzyme participates in the biosynthesis of polymethoxylated flavones in citrus”

Current Position: Ph.D. student in Zhejiang University

Education: 2015.09-2019.06, Hainan University, Bachelor

2019.09-now, Zhejiang University, Ph.D

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, Traveling

Brief bio:

Since July 2019, I joined the laboratory of Professor Chongde Sun to pursue PhD. During this period, I worked on the molecular mechanisms of citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) biosynthesis. PMFs are a kind of flavones with abundant bioactivities and specific existence in Citrus spp, but their biosynthesis mechanisms are not fully clarified. In this study, a member of the true CCoAOMT subgroup, CsCCoAOMT1, was identified from Citrus sinensis. Through functional analysis in vitro and verification in vivo, it was found that CsCCoAOMT1 participated in the biosynthesis of different PMF components and promoted the accumulation of PMFs in citrus. Additionally, the catalytic activity of CsCCoAOMT1 on lignin precursors and coumarin was also found. Our study further refines the biosynthesis mechanism of PMFs in citrus and reveals new functions of the true CCoAOMT subgroup in plants.









本人于2019年加入孙崇德老师课题组直接攻读博士学位,进行柑橘多甲氧基黄酮(PMFs)生物合成分子机制相关研究。PMFs是一类具有高活性且特异性存在于柑橘属植物中的黄酮类化合物,但其生物合成机制尚未完全明确。本研究从冰糖橙(Citrus Sinensis)中鉴定到一个来自true CCoAOMT亚组的成员CsCCoAOMT1,通过体外功能分析和体内植物验证发现了其参与柑橘不同PMF组分生物合成,促进柑橘中PMFs的积累。此外,本研究还发现CsCCoAOMT1对木质素前体和香豆素底物的催化活性。我们的研究进一步完善了柑橘PMFs的生物合成机制,揭示了true CCoAOMT亚组在植物中的新功能。