Yuan Guo: The Plant Cell First Author

Yuan Guo, co-first author of “CONSTITUTIVE EXPRESSER OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES 5 is an RNA-binding protein controlling plant immunity via RNA processing complex”

Current Position: Engineer in Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, China

 Education: M.S. in Botany, Shanghai Normal University, China; B.S. in Chemical Biology, Hengyang Normal University, China

 Non-scientific Interests:  Travelling, Shopping

 Brief bio: Since joined Prof. Shui Wang’s lab in 2018, I have been using Arabidopsis cpr5 mutant as research materials to explore the mystery of plant disease resistance. Plant immune system is different from animal immune system, so we explore the feature of plant immunity. The plant-specific nucleoporin CPR5 negatively regulates plant effector-triggered immunity (ETI) and programmed cell death (PCD) which has always been of interested to our lab. To understand the underlying mechanism of the CPR5-mediating plant immunity, we have explored transcriptional regulation, protein domain structure and protein stability. We found that many genes were up-regulated in cpr5 mutant, mostly enriched in plant immunity. With the joint efforts of my lab mates, we found that CPR5 is an atypical RNA-binding protein with a conservative domain. Through a series of studies, we found that CPR5 protein regulates plant immunity through RNA processing complex. The new findings will open a new world for the lab to further explore plant immunity.