Youngwoo Lee: The Plant Cell First Author

Youngwoo Lee, first author of “A co-fractionation mass spectrometry-based prediction of protein complex assemblies in the developing rice aleurone-subaleurone”

Current Position:

Postdoc in Szymanski Lab at Department of Botany and Plant Pathology and Center for Plant Biology in Purdue University

PhD Botany (PULSe) from Purdue University, MS Horticulture from University of Seoul, BS Life Sciences from Chungbuk National University

Non-scientific Interests:

Travelholic, EDM lover, art museum visitor, snowboarder

Brief bio:
“Decontaminate the chemical-contaminating area!”

An amazing sight met my eyes after I performed my duty as a platoon commander of chemical forces for a military exercise. Plants were germinating on the combat training field polluted by the use of supertropical bleach (STB), toxic to plants, during decontamination trainings for many years. I began to question, “How can those plants overcome the toxicity of STB?” My observation of that day left me awestruck by élan vital, and switched my life from a lieutenant to a botanist.

During my PhD in Botany at Purdue University (advisor: Dr. Daniel Szymanski), my focus was on the extension of the boundary of CF-MS application to learn how protein complex evolution (Sci. Adv 2021) and protein complex composition (this TPC paper) have been accomplished. I keep my research interest in understanding how dynamics of protein complex components in plant cells coordinate nearly all cellular processes. Using a system-wide proteomics profiling of protein complex dynamics, I am creating entirely novel large-scale data sets for the plant community. These new resources could have a significant value to understand systems-level behaviors of cells in model and crop species.