Ying Zhang: Plant Physiology First Author

Ying Zhang, first author of “Tetratricopeptide repeat protein SlREC2 positively regulates cold tolerance in tomato”

Current Position: Ph.D student of in Shenyang Agricultural University.

Education: 2016.09 – 2019.06 Shenyang Agricultural University, Olericulture, Master.

2019.09 – Shenyang Agricultural University, Olericulture, Ph.D.

Non-scientific Interests: travelling, reading.

Brief bio: Joined in the research group of Academician Tianlai Li in the College of Horticulture at Shenyang Agricultural University for Ph.D. thesis since 2019. During my Ph.D. period, under the guidance of Prof. Tianlai Li and Prof. Feng Wang. My research direction is stress-resistant cultivation and light regulation of protected vegetables. In this study, we found SlREC2 interacts with SlBCH1b to enhance cold tolerance in tomato through the integration of SlNCED1-mediated ABA accumulation, photoprotection, and CBF-pathway. Our study reveals the physiological and molecular functions of the SlREC2-SlBCH1b module in cold tolerance and unravels a novel regulatory mechanism whereby plants integrate dynamic environmental temperature signals to control cold tolerance in tomato plants, which could greatly contribute to improving the adaptation of crops under changing temperature conditions.