Yaxiu Xu: Plant Physiology First Author

Yaxiu Xu, first author of “Exogenous Ca2+ Promotes Transcription Factor Phosphorylation to Suppress Ethylene Biosynthesis in Apple”

Current Position: Ph. D. candidate, College of Horticulture, Shenyang Agriculture University, Shenyang, China

Education: B.S. (2015) and M.S. (2018) from Shenyang Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Movie and swimming

Brief bio: In 2015, I joined the group of Prof. Aide Wang and Tong Li at Shenyang Agricultural University and applied for the postgraduate and doctoral studies. I mainly focused on the research on the molecular mechanism and regulation of climacteric fruit ripening. We found that Ca2+-mediated phosphorylation of the transcription factor MdMADS5 and the ethylene synthase MdACO1 inhibited ethylene biosynthesis in apple fruit. In the future, I will continue to study whether Ca2+ can regulate fruit ethylene biosynthesis through other Ca2+ receptor proteins, hoping that we can reveal more interesting stories about this.