Yang Ou: Plant Physiology First Author

Yang Ou, first author of “Essential roles of SERKs in the ROOT MERISTEM GROWTH FACTOR-mediated signaling pathway”

Current Position: Associate Professor, College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

Education: Ph.D, College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China; B.S., College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball, Chinese chess, Running

Brief bio: I was born in a small town in Sichuan, a western province in China. Since childhood, I have considered that it is not easy for farmers in rural areas. From then on, I want to make some contributions to the development of agriculture. In 2010, I completed my Bachelor’s degree and felt that the future development of agriculture needs the help of molecular biology. Therefore, I joined the laboratory of Professor Jia Li in Lanzhou University to study plant molecular genetics. Our previous studies showed that SERK family proteins were involved in the regulation of root development through Brassinosteroid dependent and independent pathways. During my PhD study, I screened a group of RLKs including five members with BAK1 as bait, which were named as RGIs/RGFRs. We demonstrated that RGIs, act as the receptors of RGF1, are involved in the maintenance of stem cell niche in root tip. Subsequently, we comprehensively elucidated the essential roles of SERKs in the signal transduction of RGF1. My research interests focus on the signal transduction of RGF1 and the maintenance of stem cell niche in root tip. To carry out modern agricultural genetic breeding, we must primarily understand the internal molecular mechanism of plants and find a suitable target for crop genetic improvement. In the future, I also hope to engage in some crop research.

 姓名:欧 洋