Yamel Sonia Ugartechea-Chirino: Plant Physiology First Author

Yamel Sonia Ugartechea-Chirino, co-first author of “Live Plant Cell Tracking: Fiji plugin to analyze cell proliferation dynamics and understand morphogenesis”

Current Position: No current academic position.

Education: Bs. In Biology, MSc. in Biotechnology, Ph.D in Biology

Non-scientific Interests: I enjoy long walks with my dog, long naps with my cat, and the way time bends while tending to my plants.

Brief bio: I obtained Bs. and MSc. degrees from Universidad de las Américas – Puebla (UDLA-P), Puebla State, Mexico, and my PhD from the University of York, UK. During my research career I developed a profound interest in the complex regulations behind the self-organization of patterns within organs and tissues, and the balance needed between plasticity and robustness during development. In my current position as middle school science teacher, I deeply value the scientific and personal perspectives gained through my collaborations with the research groups led by Prof. Dr. Dubrovsky, Prof. Dr. Alvarez-Buylla and Prof. Dr. Corkidi.