Xintong Liu: Plant Physiology First Author

Xintong Liu, first author of “Rose WRKY13 promotes disease protection to Botrytis by enhancing cytokinin content and reducing abscisic acid signaling”

 Current position: Postdoctoral researcher, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Education: PhD from China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Non-scientific Interests: Music, cooking, and traveling

Brief bio:

In September 2016, I started my research under supervision of Prof. dr. Zhao Zhang in the College of Horticulture, China Agricultural University. I received my PhD in 2021 and am working as a postdoc scientist in the same lab from then on. My research focused on the transcriptional network governing the rose response to Botrytis cinerea infection, intending to explore the genetic/molecular mechanisms underpinning various aspects of this interaction, including pathogen recognition, signal transduction, and the mechanism of defense. In our recent research published in Plant Physiology, we reported a WRKY transcription factor, RhWRKY13, reduced the susceptibility of rose petals to B. cinerea by inhibiting cytokinin degradation and abscisic acid signaling response simultaneously. This paper provides new insights into the study of plant response to B. cinerea.



目前职位:中国农业大学 博士后

教育背景:博士 中国农业大学



我于2016年加入中国农业大学张钊教授的课题组,并在2021年取得了博士学位。我的研究关注月季对灰霉病(致病菌为Botrytis cinerea)的免疫识别、防御信号网络以及抗性的发生机制。在刚刚发表于Plant Physiology的论文中,我们报导了一个关键调节因子RhWRKY13,通过抑制月季花瓣中细胞分裂素的降解和脱落酸信号的响应,降低了月季花瓣对灰霉病的易感性。本文为植物对灰霉病的抗性研究提供了新的见解。