Xiaozheng Li: Plant Physiology First Author

Xiaozheng Li, co-first author of “The chromatin accessibility landscape of pistils and anthers in rice”

Current Position: Assistant Professor in College of Life Science and Oceanography, Shenzhen University


PhD Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, USA

MPhil Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge

BEng Biochemical Engineering, UCL

Non-scientific Interests: Ping pong and Skiing

Brief bio:  Fascinated by the versatility of green plants and algae, I have put my research interest and endeavor on developing tools of synthetic biology e.g. artificial genetic parts, and transient ChIP-seq together with machine learning models to quickly construct them, to help us understand how important pathways operate in model green organisms such as Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Oryza sativa, and how we can make them function more efficiently in a way human want them. My interest specifically focuses on understanding and improving photosynthesis by unveiling mechanisms of photo-protection and energy conversion. I wish my research can help make the world a better place.