Xiaona Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Xiaona Wang, first author of “Multiple-omics analysis reveals the mechanism of bHLH130 responding to low nitrogen stress of apple rootstock” 

Current Position: PhD candidate, College of Horticulture, China Agricultural University

Education: Bachelor Degree of Qingdao Agricultural University; China Agricultural University (Master and doctorate)

Non-scientific Interests: Mountain climbing, play badminton

Brief bio:

In 2018, I graduated from the Horticulture College of Qingdao Agricultural University with a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, and then entered the Horticulture College of China Agricultural University to study for a master’s and doctoral degree in fruit science. The research direction is mainly related to the molecular mechanism of response of apple rootstocks to low nitrogen stress. Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient for all life and central to plant primary metabolism, directly affecting plant growth and development. In China, apple planting areais large and its distribution is wide. The lack of soil nutrients in orchard restricts the yield and quality of fruit trees, how to improve the nutrient absorption of apple trees is a problem that needs to be solved in current production. Therefore, we utilized multi-omics analisis to investigate the molecular mechanism of apple rootstocks in response to low nitrogen stress. In our study, we found that the transcription factor bHLH130 could regulate the metabolic flux between the two complementary pathways of flavonoid and lignin biosynthesis, and improve the nitrogen uptake efficiency of apple rootstocks. The results of this study extend the understanding of transcriptional regulation mechanism of apple rootstocks in response to nitrogen stress.

论文:Multiple-omics analysis reveals the mechanism of bHLH130 responding to low nitrogen stress of apple rootstock



教育经历:青岛农业大学 学士;中国农业大学 (硕博连读)博士