Xiaojuan Wu: Plant Direct Author

Xiaojuan Wu, first author of “Identification of microRNAs and their target genes related to the accumulation of anthocyanin in purple potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum)”

Current Position: PhD student, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China

Education: B.E. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests: reading, cooking

Brief bio: After graduation from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University with a bachelor’s degree in 2019, with the desire to scientific research, I have the honor to join Prof. Yanhong Ma’s Lab to continue master and Ph.D studies. My major is crop genetics and breeding. In this paper, I have been researching the regulation mechanism of anthocyanins in pigmented potatoes, and obtained 37 miRNAs  related to anthocyanin. During this project, I also gained a lot of fun and valuable experience. Next, I will continue to investigate the molecular mechanism of anthocyanin accumulation in pigmented potatoes.