Xiangui Zhou: The Plant Cell First Author

Xiangui Zhou, co-first author of “Phosphorylation and ubiquitination of OsWRKY31 are integral to OsMKK10-2-mediated defense responses in rice”

Current Position: visiting scholar, Shenzhen university, China


2006-2010 BS in Huazhong agricultural university, Wuhan, China;

2010-2017 Ph. D in China agricultural university, Peking, China;

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball, Reading books, Writing

Brief bio:

I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2010. In the same year, I entered the laboratory of Professor Guo Zejian of China Agricultural University for joined study of master and doctoral degree, where I was mainly engaged in researches on the interaction and phosphorylation between MAP kinase and WRKY transcription factor, and rice disease resistance. After graduation with a doctoral degree in 2017, I entered the laboratory of academician Deng Xingwang, Peking University to carry out post-doctoral research, in which my major research direction was the regulation and control of light and gravity on plant growth and development. At present, I continue to engage in the role of protein post-translational modifications in plant biotic and abiotic stress in Shenzhen University.



发表论文:Phosphorylation and ubiquitination of OsWRKY31 are integral to OsMKK10-2-mediated pathogen defense responses in rice

目前职位:访问学者 深圳大学

教育背景:2006-2010 华中农业大学 本科

2010-2017 中国农业大学 硕博连读