Xianfeng Liu: Plant Physiology First Author

Xianfeng Liu, first author of “The HD-Zip transcription factor SlHB15A regulates abscission by modulating jasmonoyl-isoleucine biosynthesis”

Current Position: PhD Student in Shenyang Agricultural University.

Education: 2014-2018, Shenyang Agricultural University, Horticulture, Undergraduate.

2018-2021, Shenyang Agricultural University, Olericulture, Master.

  • now, Shenyang Agricultural University, Olericulture, PhD.

Non-scientific Interests: Painting, cooking, yoga

Brief bio:

Four years of undergraduate study had made me deeply interested in plants and want to further understand the secrets of plants. In 2008, I’m honored to be admitted to the team of Academician Tianlai Li and start my postgraduate work and study. My research direction is the molecular mechanism of tomato flower pedicel abscission. In this study, we screened a transcription factor, SlHB15A, which plays a key role in auxin-antagonized jasmonic acid regulation of tomato flower pedicel abscission. This finding expands our knowledge of the hormonal regulatory network during abscission. In the future, I will continue to explore, hoping to discover more novel and interesting secrets of plants, and then apply the knowledge to actual production.