Wenjia Xu: The Plant Cell First Author

Wenjia Xu, co-first author of Endosperm cellularization failure induces a dehydration stress response leading to embryo arrest

Current position: Postdoc in Dr. Enrico Magnani lab, INRAE Centre de Versailles-Grignon, France

Education: MSc from Northeast Forestry University, China; Ph.D from Université Paris-Saclay/INRAE, France.

Academic experience: postdoc in INRAE (Enrico Magnani’s lab), in CAS (Jerome Verdier’s lab) and in SLU (Claudia Köhler’s lab)

Non-scientific interests: reading, painting, folk music

Biography: I grew up in a small village in the northeast of China, running in the field and looking forward to sprouting and harvesting after a long winter are vivid memories of my childhood. Being close to nature during my childhood, early on raised my interest for plants and their interaction with the environment. About ten years ago, I started to learn and research plant seed development, since I got an opportunity to study in France as a Ph.D candidate, under the supervision of Prof. Loïc Lepiniec and Dr. Christian Dubos. Their careful guidance inspired my interest and enthusiasm for scientific research in seed biology, specifically in the transcriptional regulation of flavonoids. Under the direction of Dr. Enrico Magnani, I discovered and described the antagonistic development of the endosperm and the nucellus in seeds, and in Dr. Jerome Verdier‘s lab I investigated the seed transcriptome in response to stress. Then I continue my adventure to Sweden and joined Prof. Claudia Kohler’s lab, to explore the molecular mechanism of the ‘triploid block’ phenomenon, Claudia’s academic attitude and personal character inspired me to continue and pursue more academic achievements as a researcher and also as a mother.


发表论文: Endosperm cellularization failure induces a dehydration stress response leading to embryo arrest

目前职位: 博士后,法国国家农业科学院

教育经历: 东北林业大学硕士,法国巴黎萨克雷大学/法国国家农业科学院博士

兴趣爱好: 阅读, 绘画, 爵士和民谣

个人简介: 我在中国东北的一个小村庄长大。在田野里奔跑,在漫长的冬季后期冀春天的草木更新,夏花绚烂以及秋天的果实丰硕,这些都是我童年的美好回忆。童年时期对大自然的亲近,很早便引起我对植物及其与环境相互作用的兴趣。大约十年前,我有机会在法国攻读博士学位,开始了植物种子发育生物学的学习和研究,师从 Loïc Lepiniec 教授和 Christian Dubos 博士。他们的悉心指导激发了我对种子生物学研究的兴趣和热情,特别是在类黄酮的转录调控方面。随后在 Enrico Magnani 博士的指导下,我发现并阐述了种子中胚乳和珠心的拮抗发育,并在 Jerome Verdier 博士的实验室研究了种子转录组对环境胁迫的响应。之后我来到瑞典继续我的种子探索之旅,加入了Claudia Köhler教授的团队,探索“三倍体不育障碍”的分子机制,Claudia Köhler的学术态度和个人性格激励我继续追求更多的学术成就,作为一名科研人,也作为一名母亲。