Wenhan Cao: Plant Physiology First Author

Wenhan Cao, first author of “Correlation of Vacuole Morphology with Stomatal Lineage Development by Whole-Cell Electron Tomography”

Current Position: Research Associate at School of Life Sciences, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Education: Ph.D. in Cell & Molecular Biology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong; M.S. and B.S from Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

Non-scientific Interests: Movies, history and culture, geocaching, being with families and friends,

Brief bio: My interest in plant biology began in my undergraduate life at Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China. There specialized plant biology course inspired me with how plants responded and adapted to the external stimuli. Thus, I started my M.S. project in Dr. Shengcheng Han’s lab and explored the calcium signaling in plant cells. During my M.S.,  I was fascinated by the plant cell microscopy, so I decided to join Dr. Liwen Jiang’s lab at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China). During my Ph.D. career, Dr. Jiang had established a powerful electron tomography (ET) platform and facilitate the generation of the first whole-cell ET models of vacuole in Arabidopsis root cells. Since vacuoles play pivotal roles in stomatal movement, we wondered how mature guard cells raise their central vacuoles. We focused on four development stages of stomatal lineage cell and built a whole-cell ET model for each of them. Our studies may shed light on the future studies on the underlying mechanisms of stomatal movement and organelle biogenesis.