Tianyu Gu: Plant Physiology First Author

Tianyu Gu, co-first author of “Dual-function DEFENSIN 8 mediates phloem cadmium unloading and accumulation in rice grains”

Current position: Searching

Education: Ph.D in CAS Center of Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Shanghai, China

B.S in Southwest University, Chongqing, China

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball

Brief bio: Joined in Professor Jiming Gong’s group at CEMPS, CAS for PhD thesis since 2015.  Gong lab aims to address the basic theories underlying plant nutrient use efficiency and heavy metal phytoremediation. My research found that the defensin gene DEF8 is highly expressed in rice grains. DEF8 is localized to phloem and functions to specifically mediate Cd loading into xylem and phloem Cd unloading through chelation and secretion, providing an ideal molecular target for breeding low grain Cd rice.