Shenglin Jing: Plant Physiology First Author

Shenglin Jing, first author of “Transcription factor StABI5-like 1 binding to the FLOWERING LOCUS T homologs promotes early maturity in potato”

Current PositionPh.D student in Huazhong Agricutural University


  • Undergraduate,Biotechnology,2012-2016,Southwest University of Science and Technology
  • Master,Genetics,2016-2019,Huazhong Agricutural University
  • D,Horticultural Biology,2019-,Huazhong Agricutural University

Non-scientific Interests


Brief Bio

During the undergraduate period, I was lucky to start contacting potato under the guidance of Dr.Yongbin Ou, and carry out post transcriptional regulation of potato vacuolar invertase. Since then, I was recommended to join the potato group of Huazhong Agricultural University and began to study the potato tuberization with Prof. Jun Liu; In 2019, I followed Prof. Botao Song to continue the research on tuber development.

During my Ph.D, I was mainly engaged in the research of potato photoperiodic tuberization signal pathway. One of my findings is that the core transcription factor StABI5 like 1 in the abscisic acid signaling pathway can interact with the potato FLOWERING LOCUS T-like proteins StSP3D (florigen) and StSP6A (tuberigen) to regulate the homeostasis of gibberellin, so as to synchronize potato maturity traits. This study further revealed the mechanism of potato tuberization by FLOWERING LOCUS T protein. In addition, I also studied the function of StJAZ1-like-mediated jasmonic acid signal in potato tuberization competence, which was published in The Plant Journal. Finally, it is expected that these studies can be applied in the breeding process.





  • 本科,生物技术,2012-2016,西南科技大学
  • 硕士,遗传学,2016-2019,华中农业大学
  • 博士,蔬菜学,2019至今,华中农业大学





博士期间,我主要从事马铃薯光周期结薯信号通路的研究。我的发现之一是脱落酸信号通路中核心转录因子StABI5 like 1可以与马铃薯的FLOWERING LOCUS T-like蛋白StSP3D(成花素)和StSP6A(结薯素)互作调控赤霉素的稳态,进而协调马铃薯熟性性状。该研究进一步揭示了FLOWERING LOCUS T蛋白调控马铃薯结薯的机制。此外,我还研究了StJAZ1-like介导的茉莉酸信号在马铃薯结薯潜力上的功能,相关成功发表于The Plant Journal杂志上。最终,期待这些研究能在育种过程中应用。