Seung Hee Jo: The Plant Cell First Author

Seung Hee Jo, first author of “The Arabidopsis cyclophilin CYP18-1 facilitates PRP18 dephpshorylation and the splicing of introns retained under heat stress”

Education: BSc in School of Biological Science and Technology in Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea

Non-scientific Interests: Tasty food, staycation
Brief bio: To adapt to environmental stress in living things, numerous genes undergo transcription and translation, furthermore modification. I realized it would take a lot of effort to elucidate the exact mechanism of each gene and became interested in study of the genes which involved in stress resistance. I developed this interest during undergraduate study at Chonnam National University and joined the PhD program in Prof. Hye Sun Cho’s Lab (KRIBB School, UST). I have been researching CYP18-1, a stress resistant gene, in A. thaliana and found out the relationship between the gene and spliceosome. Now I am researching the interplay between proteins under stress conditions and I will do deep study to find out the function of more diverse stress resistance genes in the future.