Ruiyang Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Ruiyang Wang, first author of “Transcription factors GmERF1 and GmWRKY6 synergistically regulate low phosphorus tolerance in soybean”

Current Position: Master candidate in Henan Agricultural University

Education: Henan Agricultural University (Bachelor’s degree) Henan Agricultural University (Master candidate)

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, Ball games

Brief biography: I focused on the molecular mechanism research and breeding application of important functional genes for low phosphorus (LP) tolerance in soybean, since I studied at Henan Agricultural University and supervised by professor Dan Zhang in 2020. In this paper, combining with transcriptome analysis, spatio-temporal expression pattern analysis, haplotype analysis and domestication analysis, we found that GmERF1 was a key candidate gene related to phosphorus efficiency. Functional analysis showed that GmERF1 could regulate soybean root architecture and tolerance to LP stress by mediating ethylene content in roots of transgenic plants. Further analysis identified GmERF1 and GmWRKY6 interact with each other and jointly inhibit the expression of a series of downstream target genes such as GmPHT1s in the phosphorus metabolic pathway. Our study not only provides a new gene resource for efficient molecular breeding of soybean phosphorus, but also provides a reference model for plant adaptation to LP stress.



教育经历:河南农业大学 学士

河南农业大学 硕士研究生