Ruihua Huang: The Plant Cell First Author

Ruihua Huang, first author of “BLISTER promotes seed maturation and fatty acid biosynthesis by interacting with WRINKLED1 to regulate chromatin dynamics in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Postdoctor in South China Normal University

Education:  PhD’s degrees in South China Normal University

Non-scientific Interests: Cooking and Sports

Brief bio: I joined professor Zhang’s lab at South China Normal University since 2014. Professor Zhang’s lab mainly focuses on molecular networks of seed development control in plants. Since my master’s degree, I focused on studying the regulation of seed maturation in Arabidopsis. In this study, our work characterized a novel WRI1-interacting seed maturation regulator and provided insights into the roles of BLI-WRI1 module in mediating seed maturation and gene expression. Next, I hope to solve important scientific questions in the field of seed maturation and provide candidate gene resources for improving agronomic performance of crops.


BLISTER functions as a novel seed maturation regulator and adaptor protein that links WRI1 to chromatin remodeling factors involved in activating fatty acid biosynthesis genes






我于2014年加入到张盛春老师课题组开始学习,张盛春老师实验室的主要研究方向是植物种子发育调控的分子遗传机制。我从硕士阶段开始主要关注拟南芥种子成熟的调控机理。在这项研究中,我们报道了一个新的与WRI1 相互作用的种子成熟调控因子,并阐明了BLI-WRI1 模块在介导种子成熟和基因表达中的作用机制。在接下来的研究工作中,我希望解决一些种子成熟领域的重要科学问题,为提高农作物的农艺性能提供候选基因资源。