Rui Xu: The Plant Cell First Author

Rui Xu, co-first author of “The tomato OST1-VOZ1 module regulates drought-mediated flowering”

Current Position: PhD student, Henan University, China

Education: B.S., Henan Agriculture University, China

M.S., Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science, China

Non-scientific Interests: food and animals

Brief bio: During my master’s degree at the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science (2016-2019), I worked on a research project that aimed to identify the QTL loci associated with salt tolerance in wild rice. I then joined Professor Yingfang Zhu’s research group at Henan University in 2020 for my PhD. My very first project with Professor Zhu was to investigate the underlying mechanism of the tomato SlOST1 -SlVOZ1 module in regulating drought response and flowering. In the future, I hope to study the mechanism of how the tomato SlOST1 kinase regulates its growth and development.