Rubén Tenorio Berrío: Plant Physiology First Author

Rubén Tenorio Berrío, first author of “Single-Cell Transcriptomics Sheds Light on the Identity and Metabolism of Developing Leaf Cells”

Current Position: PhD student in Systems Biology of Yield at PSB

Education: BSc in Engineering and Agricultural Science and MSc in Agricultural and Forestry Biotechnology in UPM (Madrid). MSc in Plant Biotechnology in WUR (Wageningen).

Non-scientific Interests: Plants, dinosaurs, swimming and eating.

Brief bio: Since my childhood I always knew that I wanted to work with plants. For that reason, in Madrid I started my bachelor in Agricultural Science. It was then when I discovered plant biotechnology and wanted to study it further. To do so, I followed a master related to that topic, where I specialized in plant physiology, and a second master in Wageningen, specializing in plant breeding. Currently, I am working as a PhD in PSB where I am trying to untangle the transcriptomic effect of mild drought on the leaf at single cell level.