Rong Guo: Plant Direct First Author

Rong Guo, first author of “The identification of conserved sequence features of co-translationally decayed mRNAs and upstream open reading frames in angiosperm transcriptomes” 

Education: BA. in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Boston University

Non-scientific Interests: Playing the piano, Reading, Traveling

Brief bio: During my undergraduate years, I studied the interaction between Wolbachia and Drosophila gut commensal bacteria and how the interaction affect host fitness in Dr. Horacio Frydman’s lab in Boston University. This study provided insights into how Wolbachia can be used to control vector-borne diseases. I am currently a PhD student in Dr. Brian Gregory’s lab in the University of Pennsylvania. My graduate work mainly focuses on the regulation mechanisms of co-translational decay in plants, which potentially reveals the functions of co-translational decay in plant development process.