REVIEW In vitro propagation of bamboo species (Plant Cell Tissu Organ Cult) ($)

Bamboos are economically important plants, with versatile applications including use in construction, paper, textiles and food production and bioenergy uses among others. Traditional methods of plant propagation are revealed to be challenging in this plant. First, bamboo propagation through seeds could be problematic, due to short seed viability, massive consumption by small animals and genetic heterogeneity.  And secondly, vegetative propagation through cuttings is potentially destructive to the mother plant. This is problematic, especially when working with elite cultivars. Sandhu et al. reviews the possibilities available through in vitro culture for this species, including their constraints (contamination, hyperhydricity and browning), explant types and media and plant growth regulators required for budding and subculture. (Summary by Isabel Mendoza) Plant Cell Tissu Organ Cult 10.1007/s11240-017-1354-9