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OST1‐mediated BTF3L phosphorylation positively regulates CBFs during plant cold responses (EMBO J)

Ding et al. have just elucidated an important protein involved in the cold response of plants: BTF3L (basic transcription factor 3-like). The CBF/DREB (C-repeat binding factor/dehydration-responsive element protein) family of transcription factors are the main cold responsive pathway. The new article shows that BTF3L stabilizes CBF/DREB proteins. BTF3L is a beta subunit of the nascent […]

A moss glycosyltransferase produces a novel cell wall arabinoglucan ($) (Plant Cell)

Plants produce a wide range of polysaccharides in their cell walls, some of which are restricted to certain species. Roberts et al. investigated a moss gene encoding an enzyme that resembles a mixed-linkage (1,3;1,4)-β-glucan (MLG) synthase. When expressed in tobacco, this enzyme produces a novel unbranched, unsubstituted arabinoglucan (AGlc) polysaccharide that consists of both glucose […]

926 Articles | Page 2 of 155