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What We’re Reading: July 28th

This week’s edition of What We’re Reading is guest edited by Dr. Bhavisha P. Sheth, who is currently working as a DST- Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), India. Her current research work focusses on Policy research studies of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship. She pursued a […]

Review: Uncovering gene regulatory networks controlling plant cell differentiation ($)

The transparency and simplicity of the Arabidopsis root apex has made it an excellent model through which to understand the processes that lead from undifferentiated meristem cells to mature root tissues. Drapek et al. review the gene regulatory networks (GRNs) that underlie the development of the endodermis in Arabidopsis root tips. They first summarize the […]

Update: Shining light on the function of NPH3/RPT2-like proteins in phototropin signalling

Blue light regulates diverse functions including phototropism and chloroplast movements. Christie et al. summarize recent updates in understanding the signalling pathway between light perception by phototropins and downstream responses. They describe the central roles for the 33 members (in Arabidopsis) of the NRL protein family, named for the founding members NON-PHOTOTROPIC HYPOCOTYL (NPH3) and ROOT […]

Review: The evolution of calcium-based signalling in plants

Calcium signalling is a ubiquitous process in plants and other organisms. Transporters at the plasma and vacuolar (tonoplast) membranes control entry and exit of calcium ion into the cytoplasm, and it is the cytoplasmic calcium level ([Ca2+]cyt) that affects cellular responses, as calcium-binding proteins alter their activities or binding properties in response to changing calcium […]

Speed breeding: a powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding

Watson and Ghosh et al. describe protocols to accelerate the lifecycle of several crop species using “speed breeding”, which essentially involves extending the daylength to 22 hours with supplemental lighting. They describe methods and results from glasshouse and growth chamber speed breeding. In spite of greatly shortened generation times, seed production was similar for the […]

Acetate-mediated novel survival strategy against drought in plants ($)

Kim et al. explored the molecular basis for the drought tolerance previously observed for mutants of histone deacetylase HDA6. They observed that genes involved in acetate production are upregulated in hda6 mutants and in drought-stressed plants. Furthermore, acetate biosynthesis mutants are more sensitive to drought, indicating a role for acetate in drought tolerance. Finally, they […]

420 Articles | Page 1 of 70