Research Awards and Fellowships at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University promotes and supports research consistent with its mission to discover and disseminate knowledge of the plant kingdom. To foster both independent and collaborative work, the Arboretum offers fellowships and awards to students, post-doctoral researchers, and professionals of the biological and horticultural sciences. Applicants are encouraged to define and develop paths of inquiry using the Arboretum’s resources, including its world-renowned living collection, herbarium, plant records, library and archives, greenhouse and laboratories, and the expertise of its staff.

There are currently eight different awards available each year. Deadline for applications is yearly on Feb 1. Please see the flyer or our website for the specific requirements of each award.


Putnam Fellowships in Plant Science

Arnold Arboretum Genomics Initiative and Sequencing Award

Ashton Award for Student Research

Deland Award for Student Research

Cunin / Sigal Research Award

Shiu-Ying Hu Student/Postdoctoral Exchange Award

Jewett Prize

Sargent Award for Visiting Scholars

Sinnott Award

Applicants must submit a research proposal online for each of the different awards. Please see the individual award descriptions for the requirements.

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