Recognizing The Plant Cell first authors: Yaqi Sun

Yaqi Sun, co-first author of Single-organelle quantification reveals the stoichiometric and structural variability of carboxysomes dependent on the environment

Current Position: Postdoctoral research associate at Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool

Education: PhD of Microbiology, University of Liverpool; Master of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, Huazhong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: painting, reading

Brief bio: I obtained my master degree in Animal genetics, breeding and reproduction at the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2013. Then I was supported by Chinese Scholarship Council to join in the research group led by Professor Luning Liu at the University of Liverpool as a PhD student. My PhD project focused on investigating the biogenesis of carboxysomes in cyanobacteria using live-cell fluorescent microscopy imaging, molecular genetics and biochemical approaches. After graduation, I continued my research as a postdoctoral research associate in the Liu Lab to explore in depth the structural and functional basis of bacterial organelles.