Recognizing The Plant Cell authors: Hua Yang

Hua Yang author of Predominantly inverse modulation of gene expression in genomically unbalanced disomic haploid maize

Current Position: Postdoc at University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri, US

Education: BS in Plant science and technology, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya’an, China; PhD in Crop genetics and breeding, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Non-scientific Interests: I love to listen to Xiangsheng (a traditional Chinese form of stand-up comedy) and rock music, work out, and watch movies (especially Westerns).

Brief bio: I started my graduate study at China Agricultural University in Beijing from 2010 under the supervision of Dr. Yingyin Yao. My PhD project was to understand how a histone modification enzyme (histone deacetylase 101) regulates seed development in maize. During this time, I fall in love with maize genetics. Soon after finishing my PhD in 2016, I join Dr. James Birchler’s lab as a postdoc in University of Missouri, US. In my work, I have been involved with several interesting projects. The first one is to understand the molecular mechanism of genomic unbalance in maize. The second project is to identify a trans factor that controls non-disjunction of the maize B chromosome at the second pollen mitosis. I am also involved in a heterosis project.






科研经历简介:本科四年的学习让我对植物产生兴趣,于是我考入中国农大姚颖垠老师课题组,我的项目是研究组蛋白脱乙酰化酶HDA101是如何调控玉米种子发育。在此期间,我对涉及玉米遗传学的研究很感兴趣,于是博士毕业后以博后身份加入密苏里大学James Birchler实验室。我的课题包括研究玉米基因组失衡的分子机制,定位和鉴定调控玉米B染色体非孟德尔遗传规律的反式作用因子以基研究杂种优势是否影响转录组大小。