Recognizing The Plant Cell author Pierre Buscaill

Pierre Buscaill, first author of Defeated by the nines: nine extracellular strategies to avoid MAMP recognition in plants 

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Plant Chemetics Lab of Prof. Renier A.L. van der Hoorn at the University of Oxford.

Education: PhD Biology (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, FR); MSc Biology (University of Toulouse, FR); BSc Biology (University of Albi, FR).

Non-scientific interest: Hiking and Music.

Brief Bio: My research focuses on deciphering plant immunity triggered by the recognition of microbial molecules. Most of these immunogenic molecules require hydrolytic release from their precursors before they can be perceived by plant receptors. Hence, to colonise plants, adapted pathogens and symbionts have adopted strategies to avoid recognition by plant immune system.

The exploration of this exciting research field involves interdisciplinary approaches including genetics, cell and molecular microbiology, biochemistry, and proteomics. Understanding plant immunity and microbial pathogenicity is essential to improve plant biotechnologies and to prevent infectious diseases.

Besides my research activities, I teach biology. My tutorials cover the molecular mechanisms of plant immunity. I also co-supervise undergraduate, MSc and PhD students with Prof. Renier A.L. van der Hoorn.