Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Zhihao Liang

Zhihao Liang,co-first author of A Transcription Factor OsMADS57 Regulates Long-distance Nitrate Transport and Root Elongation

Current Position: Ph.D., State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement, Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization in Low-Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China

Education: 2015–B.S., Agricultural Resources and Environment, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, travelling and climbing

Brief bio: I was lucky to join the group of Prof. Yali Zhang at Nanjing Agricultural University to pursue my PhD degree. During my PhD I focused on modulating nitrate translocation from roots to shoots under low-nitrate conditions. In our previous research, we found an important MADS-box transcription factor, which can modulate nitrate translocation from roots to shoots under low-nitrate conditions. Compared with wild-type plants supplied with 0.2-mM nitrate, osmads57 mutants had 31% less xylem loading of nitrate, while overexpression lines had twofold higher levels. In our further study, we found that OsMADS57 bounds to the CArG motif within the OsNRT2.3a promoter. These results suggest that OsMADS57 has a role in regulating nitrate translocation from root to shoot via OsNRT2.3a.

梁志浩,A transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates long distance nitrate transport and root elongation 第一作者


教育经历:2011.09-2015.06 农业资源与环境专业,南京农业大学资源与环境科学学院,农学学士;2015.09-至今 农业资源与环境专业,南京农业大学资源与环境科学学院,农学博士在读


科研经历简介:我有幸加入了南京农业大学张亚丽教授的团队,攻读博士学位。在我读博期间,我致力于在低硝酸盐条件下硝酸盐从根系到地上部转移的研究。在前期的研究中,我们发现了一个重要的MADS-box转录因子,它可以在低硝酸盐条件下调控硝酸盐从根系到地上部的转移。在提供0.2 mM硝酸盐时,与野生型植株盐相比,osmads57突变体的含量降低了31%,而过表达株系的木质部硝酸盐含量增加了两倍。在我们进一步的研究中,我们发现OsMADS57与OsNRT2.3a启动子中的CArG 基序结合。这些结果表明,OsMADS57通过OsNRT2.3a调控硝酸盐从根向茎的转运。