Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Shuangjie Huang

Shuangjie Huang, co-first author of A Transcription Factor OsMADS57 Regulates Long-distance Nitrate Transport and Root Elongation

Current Position: lecturer, Henan Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Comprehensive Utilization in South Henan, Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University

Education: Ph.D. in Plant nutrition, Nanjing Agricultural University; B.S. in Agriculture, Henan University of Science and Technology

Non-scientific Interests: Swing music, yoga, hiking

Brief bio: I obtained the Ph.D. degree in Plant nutrition in Jul, 2016, at College of Resources & Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University. The experience during my Ph.D. largely enriched my experimental techniques. I have acquired plenty of experimental skills in the field of Plant molecular biology with special experiences in plant nutrition, molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and microscopy. In the years of my Ph.D. I devoted myself to the study on plant resistance mechanism. My Ph.D. dissertation was about characterization of two genes, which were critical for enhancing plant nitrogen uptake and translocation under low nitrogen conditions. Besides, I also participated in some other works including the study concerning about plant hormones (ex auxins and strigolactones) involved in regulating plant root development which largely enriched my experimental experience.

黄双杰,A transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates long distance nitrate transport and root elongation 第一作者


教育经历:2007.09-2011.06 河南科技大学,农业学士;2011.09-2016.07 南京农业大学,植物营养学博士;。


科研经历简介:我于2016年7月在南京农业大学资源与环境科学学院获得植物营养学博士学位。博士期间的经历极大地丰富了我的实验技术。我在植物分子生物学领域获得了丰富的实验技能,在植物营养、分子生物学、细胞生物学、生物化学、生物信息学、显微学等方面有丰富的经验。在博士期间,我致力于植物抗性机理的研究。我的博士论文是关于两个基因的表征,这两个基因在低氮条件下对提高植物氮素吸收和转运至关重要。除此之外,我还参与了植物激素 (生长素前体,独脚金内酯)调节植物根系发育的研究等工作,极大丰富了我的实验经验。