Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Xiaozhen Yao

Xiaozhen Yao, co-first author of An essential role for miRNA167 in maternal control of embryonic and seed development

Current Position: Lecturer, College of Life Science, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China

Education: PhD in Genetics (2005-2010), Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

Non-scientific Interests: Painting, Table tennis

Brief bio: I have been studying plant development since graduate school. My PhD centered on the roles of microRNAs in determining plant leaf polarity in Professor Hai Huang’s laboratory. From June 2010, I received Postdoc training in Dr. Wenhui Shen’s group at Fudan University, where I investigated epigenetic effects on root and male gametophyte development. Since April 2014, I have been a lecturer in Shanghai Normal University. My current research focuses on the roles of auxin in plant reproduction.



当前职位:上海师范大学, 生命科学学院, 讲师

教育经历:2005-2010, 中国科学院植物生理生态研究所, 理学博士


科研经历简介:我从攻读博士学位开始一直从事植物发育相关的研究。博士期间主要的研究内容为:microRNA 在植物叶片极性建成中的功能,师从黄海研究员。自2010年6月,进入复旦大学沈文辉教授课题组进行博士后培训,开始接触植物生殖发育研究。博士后期间主要研究表观遗传机制在拟南芥根发育及雄配子发育中的功能。从2014年4月入职上海师范大学,从事遗传学教学工作。科学研究领域主要集中于生长素对植物生殖发育的调控。