Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Uri Hochberg

Uri Hochberg, first author of Visualizing embolism propagation in gas-injected leaves

Current Position: Researcher in Department of Soil Water and Environmental sciences, Agriculture Research Organization, Volcani Center, Israel

Education: Ph.D in Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Non-scientific Interests: Hiking, Mountain biking, Chess, Alcohol

Brief bio: I grew up in an agricultural village in Israel exposed to the wonders of plant cultivation and the hard work it requires. After graduating a B.Sc in agriculture science from the Hebrew University I spent five years in Ben Gurion University (2009-2014), studying for a Ph.D on grapevine irrigation in the Mount. Negev area. The focus on irrigation of desert vines built up my interest in plants hydraulics, leading me to study with two of the leading experts of the field. After spending a short period with Herve Cochard in Clermont Ferrand (2015), I joined the lab of Missy Holbrook and focused on xylem embolism propagation in grapevines (2016-2017). Last year, I established my own plant hydraulics lab in the Volcani center. We are studying the physiology of water transport in plants to understand plants response to drought stress and develop sustainable water-use strategies for agricultural ecosystems.