Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Tian-Jing Wang

Tian-Jing Wang, co-first author of GOLDEN 2-LIKE Transcription Factors Regulate WRKY40 Expression in Response to Abscisic Acid

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate, Key Laboratory of Molecular Epigenetics of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Northeast Normal University, China.

Education: B.S. Biological Science, Sep. 2012-Jul. 2016. Liaoning Normal University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Travelling, reading and photography

Brief bio: After getting my B.S. degree from Liaoning Normal University in 2016, I got a great opportunity to join the Professor Zheng-Yi Xu’s lab as a Ph.D. student at Northeast Normal University. During my Ph.D. study, my major scientific question is how different transcriptional regulatory modules play a role in the phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) response. I have been interested in studying whether and how GLK transcription factors specifically function in the ABA response, and further to dissect the specific molecular mechanism. Besides this project, I am also involved in whether and how evolutionarily conserved casein kinase 2 (CK2) plays a central role in the ABA signaling response. Since I have keen interests in studying plant molecular biology, I am going to pursue further scientific career in this field.






 个人简介:2016年在辽宁师范大学获得学士学位后,我有幸得到了在东北师范大学攻读博士学位的机会,指导教师为徐正一教授。在我攻读博士期间,我主要研究的科学问题是不同的转录调控元件如何在植物激素脱落酸(abscisic acid, ABA)应答过程中发挥作用。主要工作集中在以下两个方面:(1)拟南芥转录调控激活元件GLK1/2 是如何调控ABA 应答过程中的基因表达,并进一步解析其分子机制。(2)拟南芥酪蛋白激酶2 (CK2)是如何在ABA应答过程中发挥作用,并解析其行使功能的分子机制。我对植物分子生物学有着浓厚的兴趣,希望以后能继续在这个方向从事研究。