Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Tegan Armarego-Marriott

Tegan Armarego-Marriott, first author of Highly resolved systems biology to dissect the etioplast-to-chloroplast transition in tobacco leaves

Current Position: Post-Doc in the Organelle Biology and Biotechnology Group at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPI-MP), Germany

Education: Masters of Science at the University of Western Australia/Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. Phd completed at MPI-MP

Non-scientific Interests: Making things, making a mess, growing as many house-plants and I can in my apartment

Brief bio: Born in Australia and now living and working in Germany. My scientific interests center on chloroplasts, particularly plastid development and plastid gene expression and regulation. I’m currently a full time post-doc in Ralph Bock’s group. Outside of work I participate in several science communication projects. I am an Assistant Features Editor at The Plant Cell, and currently write for and run ‘Plants and Pipettes’, a blog and podcast project aimed at communicating plant molecular biology to non-experts.