Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Qing-Gang Zhu

Qing-Gang Zhu, first author of High-CO2/hypoxia-responsive transcription factors DkERF24 and DkWRKY1 interact and activate DkPDC2 promoter

Current Position: Post doctor in the Institute of Fruit Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Education: M.S. and B.S. in College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University. Ph.D in the Institute of Fruit Science, Zhejiang University

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, badminton, volleyball and music

Brief bio: I started my doctoral study in Zhejiang University since 2014 and majored in pomology. Now I am a post-doctor and my cooperation supervisor is Professor Xueren Yin. The work presented in the paper combined molecular biology technologies and functional verification analyses with transient overexpression to explore regulation of persimmon postharvest deastringency. Our findings indicate the presence of an ERF and WRKY TF complex contributes to responses to hypoxia in both persimmon fruit and Arabidopsis. The work gives further information about the regulation of persimmon fruit deastringency. I would like to thank my supervisor sincerely for his scientific training, guidance and encouragement and my team members for their care and help.


姓名: 祝庆刚,论文“High CO2/hypoxia-responsive transcription factors DkERF24 and DkWRKY1 interact and activate persimmon fruit DkPDC2 promoter”的第一作者

目前工作: 浙江大学,果树科学研究所,博士后.



简介: 2014年我进入浙江大学果树科学研究所开始攻读博士学位。2018年博士毕业后开始博士后研究,合作导师是殷学仁教授。本论文结合分子生物学技术、过表达功能验证等技术探索柿果实采后脱涩的调控机制。我们研究发现存在一个ERF-WRKY转录因子蛋白复合体参与调控柿果实和拟南芥对低氧的响应。此项研究工作探索了柿果实采后脱涩新的转录调控机制。真诚感谢我的导师的耐心指导、鼓励和团队成员的关心和帮助。