Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Philippa Borrill

Philippa Borrill, first author of Identification of transcription factors regulating senescence in wheat through gene regulatory network modelling

Current Position: Lecturer at The University of Birmingham, UK

Education: PhD in Biology, John Innes Centre, UK; BA Hons in Plant and Microbial Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

Non-scientific Interests: cycling, cooking, and hiking

Brief bio: During my undergraduate degree I was fortunate to be selected for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Undergraduate Research Program which gave me my first opportunity to carry out research and cemented my interest in plant biology. My PhD studies at the John Innes Centre focused on a transcription factor regulating senescence in wheat, and during this time I realized there was an opportunity to understand senescence using genomics. Therefore I applied for a BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship to pursue this research, the main results of which are published here in Plant Physiology. I have recently moved to the University of Birmingham to establish an independent research group. My lab is investigating the genetic regulation of senescence, and how this process influences nutrient remobilization and final grain quality in wheat.