Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Moonhyuk Kwon

Moonhyuk Kwon, co-first author of Catalytic plasticity of germacrene A oxidase underlies sesquiterpene lactone diversification

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Gyeongsang National University, Korea / Visiting Professor, University of Calgary, Canada

Education: Ph.D. and B.S. in Seoul National University, Korea

Non-scientific Interests: sports and travel

Brief bio: I was studying about applied chemistry and biology during my undergraduate, then I joined Natural Product Chemistry lab (Dr. Soo-un Kim) and focused to investigate isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway in Burkholderia glumae. After biochemical and physiological research in eubacteria, I turned my interest to terpenoids metabolisms in planta. For this, I started post-doctoral fellow in University of Calgary by supervision of Dr. Dae-kyun Ro. In Canada, I researched metabolism of mono- sesqui- diterpenoids and polyisoprenoids from various plants and engineering of terpenoids in yeast and plants. My main goal is investigation of terpenoids biosynthesis in plant and re-production of natural product in heterologous system for the betterment of society.