Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Molly Perchlik

Molly Perchlik, first author of Leaf Amino Acid Supply Affects Photosynthetic and Plant Nitrogen Use Efficiency under Nitrogen Stress

Current Position: In search

Education: Ph.D. in Plant Biology, Washington State University. B.S. in Biology, Indiana University (Bloomington)

Non-scientific Interests: Travel, hiking, camping, choir, board games

Brief bio: During my undergraduate studies at Indiana University, I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Sidney Shaw to understand the role of particular Arabidopsis microtubule associated proteins in organizing the cell wall and in facilitating cell expansion and growth. I then started my doctorate degree at Washington State University, where I joined the laboratory of Dr. Mechthild Tegeder to investigate the physiological function of amino acid transporters in plants. My dissertation research focused on determining the importance of amino acid allocation for photosynthetic and plant nitrogen use efficiency, growth and production in Arabidopsis and peas. I also was admitted into the Nitrogen Systems Policy Integrated Research and Education IGERT program at Washington State University, where I participated in interdisciplinary training in theory and application of environmental nitrogen systems science and public policy. I recently completed my Ph.D. and have been spending time traveling, while I search career options for my next chapter in plant science.