Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Jordan Zager

Jordan Zager, first author of Gene Networks Underlying Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Accumulation in Cannabis

Current Position: President, Co-Founder Dewey Scientific

Education: B.Sc. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; B.Sc. Biology; PhD Molecular Plant Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: Skiing, hiking, yoga, tennis

Brief bio: I have long been fascinated by the massive number of plant-derived natural products that inundate our daily lives. My first exposure to plant research came under the guidance of Dr. John Cushman at the University of Nevada, investigating oil content of Camelina seeds grown in marginal conditions found in Nevada’s Great Basin desert. After thoroughly enjoying developing analytical methods in the Cushman lab, I went on to join the MJ Murdock Metabolomics laboratory at Washington State University with Dr. Mark Lange to pursue my doctorate research. During my time in the Lange lab, I was fortunate to continue working on analytical methods development while adding experience in bioinformatics, computational modeling of plant metabolism, enzyme discovery and characterization, and routine molecular biology methods and procedures en route to earning my PhD. I have since co-founded an agricultural biotechnology company, Dewey Scientific, working in the rapidly expanding cannabis space.