Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Joo Young Lim

Joo Young Lim, first author of ROS1-dependent DNA demethylation is required for ABA-inducible NIC3 expression in Arabidopsis

Current Position: PhD student, Department of Plant Science, Seoul National University, Korea.

Education: BS and MS in Horticultural Science and Biotechnology at Seoul National University

Non-scientific Interests: Going to art exhibitions and spending quality time with my family and friends

Brief bio: With my interest in mechanisms underlying biological phenomena, I joined the lab of Dr. Jin Hoe Huh at Seoul National University. In order to understand how sessile organisms respond to environmental stress through epigenetic mechanisms, I have focused on the function of DNA methylation dynamics with regard to abscisic acid (ABA)-mediated stress response in the model plant Arabidopsis. As much more still remains to be discovered concerning epigenetic regulation of gene expression in response to developmental and environmental cues, I will continue my scientific career to further unravel the biological mechanisms in plants.