Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Chie Suzuki

Chie Suzuki, first author of Transcriptional corepressor ASP1 and CLV-like signaling regulate meristem maintenance in rice

Current Position: Researcher at a chemical company in Japan

Education: Ph.D. in Science (2019), University of Tokyo, Japan

Non-scientific Interests: Drawing pictures, watching TV, running

Brief bio: I completed my B.Sc. (2014), M.Sc. (2016), and Ph.D. (2019) under the supervision of Dr. Hiro-Yuki Hirano at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Since I joined Hirano Lab, I have been working on the molecular mechanisms that regulate plant architecture using a model monocot, rice (Oryza sativa). I am especially interested in stem cell maintenance in the shoot apical meristem. This paper is a major part of my doctoral thesis, in which I clarified the importance of a transcription corepressor ASP1 in cooperation with FON signaling to maintain stem cell homeostasis in rice. Now, I have just started to work as a researcher at a chemical company by making use of my experience as a plant molecular biologist.