Recognizing Plant Physiology first author: Yalu Wang

Yalu Wang, first author of Nitrate modulates the differentiation of root distal stem cells

Current Position: PhD candidate, State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University, China

Education: B.S., College of Biological Sciences, Shandong Normal University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, traveling

Brief bio: During four-year undergraduate education in the major of biological science, I developed a strong interest in plant science, especially plant responses to abiotic stresses. After the bachelor study, I was fortunately admitted to the China Agricultural University as a Ph.D. candidate under the direct supervision of Prof. Jing Zhang. My research interest is to understand the mechanisms how nitrate regulates root development in Arabidopsis thaliana. In this research project, we found that low nitrate restricts auxin distribution in the root tips via the CHL1/NRT1.1/NPF6.3-mediated nitrate signaling pathway, which in turn represses the expression of WOX5 and PLTs, ultimately promoting DSC differentiation in the primary root tip. During my Ph.D. study, I have acquired the expertise encompassing mainly the area of genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. Currently, I continue studying the regulatory mechanisms of nitrate in root architecture modification in Prof. Jing Zhang’s lab. Hopefully, these researches may enable future advances in more efficient and sustainable crop production.


王亚璐,第一作者Nitrate modulates the differentiation of root distal stem cells


教育背景:中国农业大学 在读直博生 ;山东师范大学,理学学士