Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Limeng Zhou

Limeng Zhou, co-first author of The Gibberellin Signaling Negative Regulator RGA-LIKE3 Promotes Seed Storage Protein Accumulation

Current Position: Ph.D. student (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Education: I got my B.S. from Wenzhou University in 2015 and got a master’s degree from South China Botanical Garden in 2018.

Non-scientific Interests: reading

Brief bio: During the postgraduate period, I focused on the seed maturation process, revealing the mechanism of seed storage protein biosynthesis regulated by a negative gibberellin signaling factor RGL3. During my Ph.D. period, I mainly work on epigenetic regulation mechanism of artemisinin biosynthesis.



姓名: 周丽梦

目前职位: 博士研究生(香港中文大学);

简介: 研究生期间,我主要研究种子的成熟过程,揭示了赤霉素信号通路的负调控因子RGL3参与调控种子贮藏蛋白合成的分子机制。读博期间,我主要进行青蒿素合成的表观调控机制研究。