Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yushi Yoshitake

Yushi Yoshitake, first author of RCB-mediated chlorophagy caused by oversupply of nitrogen suppresses phosphate-starvation stress in plants

Current Position: Assistant professor at Department of Life Science, School of Agriculture, Meiji University

Education: Ph. D. (2019), School of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Non-scientific Interests: Japanese sake, Super sentai series

Brief bio: During my undergraduate degree, I studied the relationship between membrane lipid metabolism and the response to nutrient starvation under the supervision of Dr. Mie Shimojima and Dr. Hiroyuki Ohta, Tokyo Institute of Technology. I was fascinated by plant nutrition and nutrient recycle system. After graduating, I continued studying in the same lab. While I am studying in Ohta-Shimojima’s lab, I discovered that the mechanism of response to phosphate starvation relates with response to nitrogen. After finishing my Ph.D. study, I joined Dr. Kohki Yoshimoto’s lab in Meiji University as a postdoctoral fellow. Now, I am working on the study of the nutrient recycling system as assistant professor in Yoshimoto’s lab.